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Visiting Nurse Assoc. Airshow 2007 RCC
Visiting Nurse Assoc., Stuart, Airshow 2010 RCC
Lunar Eclipse - Dec.22, 2010 Tampa, Fl.
Christmas Yard Display 2010
Atlantis Shuttle Launch (last)
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The 2005 Airshow at the Marine Corp Air Show in San Diego, at Mira Mesa, which was the scene of the movie Top Gun.  This was 50th anniversary show, and I happened to be stuck there for the weekend, I did not know the show was that weekend, but went to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and WOW.  I have tried to go airshows since, I used to go them when I was a lot younger, but had drifted away from them.

All of my photos are dedicated to all USA Military personnel.......past, present, and future.

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