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On the Wings of Birds
Airshows - Planes
Visiting Nurse Assoc. Airshow 2007 RCC
Visiting Nurse Assoc., Stuart, Airshow 2010 RCC
Lunar Eclipse - Dec.22, 2010 Tampa, Fl.
Christmas Yard Display 2010
Atlantis Shuttle Launch (last)
Events Image Gallery
On the Wings of Birds My job allows my to travel quite a bit, so when I can, I take pictures thru the airplane windows.  I have to have clean windows, a window seat, a schedule that allows daylight travels, and a seat not over the wing!  This section is called  "On the wings of birds", or "Thru dirty airplane windows."   Most of these are early images from a Casio 3.2 MP camera, newer images will be added periodically and these will be archieved.
Airshows - Planes

The 2005 Airshow at the Marine Corp Air Show in San Diego, at Mira Mesa, which was the scene of the movie Top Gun.  This was 50th anniversary show, and I happened to be stuck there for the weekend, I did not know the show was that weekend, but went to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and WOW.  I have tried to go airshows since, I used to go them when I was a lot younger, but had drifted away from them.

All of my photos are dedicated to all USA Military personnel.......past, present, and future.

Visiting Nurse Assoc. Airshow 2007 RCC This is the Visiting Nurse Associatin Airshow from 2007 in Stuart, Florida.  Our very good friends, host a party at their house, then we go to the show, and then back to their house for more of their great hospitality.  It is small as airshows go, but it is an intimate setting, so the planes and demonstrations are very close.  I was working in California and took the redeye home, landing in Ft. Lauderdale, then went directly to the was worth it.  By chance, it looks like I will be doing the same thing in 2010.
Visiting Nurse Assoc., Stuart, Airshow 2010 RCC 2010 Stuart Airshow, once again, by chance, I had to take a redeye flight from Calfornia to make it back in time to get to this show, but it was WELL worth it.  Enjoy this years photos from the Visiting Nurse Association's airshow.....
Lunar Eclipse - Dec.22, 2010 Tampa, Fl. Eclipse, December 21st, 2010, shot from Hillsborough River State Park, Northeast of Tampa.  It occured on the  day of the winter solstice, which is very rare, the last time it happened was in 1638.  It was very cold outside, for the 30s.  I was camping there.
Christmas Yard Display 2010 Our 2010 Front Yard Christmas Display, featuring a Christmas tree made from plastic shelving, Santa and Rudolph in a canoe, a Polar Bear fishing from Santa's southern pier, Santa parking his train on the train tracks, a snowman "pooping" snowflakes which pile up on the ground, another Christmas tree keeping the Ghost of the Christmas future in jail, and of course, Christmas lights on PALM TREEs!
Atlantis Shuttle Launch (last) Launch of the shuttle Atlantis, July 8th, 2011.  This is the last shuttle launch there will be......a gray, hazy day.....30% chance of launch due to weather,  Angie and I spent the night in the truck to get a good viewing spot......
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