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In this section, just a random pick of featured photos by Ray, Tawny or Angie.  Enjoy!
I have just been busy, sorry.
Hanauma Bay, Hawaii, May 20th, 2011
Ray Canales Posted May 20th, 2011

Canon Powershot SD1300IS Digital Elph, Canon WP-DC36 Waterproof Case in the underwater mode.

Hummingbirds shot in Denver, August 20th, 2009
Ray Canales Posted 2/15/2011

Canon EOS40D, EF70-300mmIS around 220mm for all four shots.  Camera is in Shutter Priority at 1/400 of a second to blur the wings, with an f/9 f-stop, ISO 500, hand held.

The Big Moon, it was closer than it will be in years, March 19th, 2011.  Around 8:45 PM.

Manual Exposure, 1/400 f8.0, ISO400, CanonEOS 7D, 300mm

Manual Exposure, 1/400, f11, ISO400, CanonEOS 7D,  285mm

Manual Exposure, 1/1250 f11.0, ISO400, CanonEOS 7D, 285mm