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You know how they say that you have to keep re-inventing yourself? I keep trying it, and I am stuck with the same old me!!!!

A year after I stopped traveling, I was driving Tawny crazy re-arranging the house, cleaning, all kinds of stuff.

She said to me - "Why don't you sit down and try and write a book, now that you have stopped traveling after  over 20 years?" 

It has never been a goal of mine to write books, but she and I discussed it.  "You have traveled around the world, had all kinds of adventures, camping, teaching, working, and we both read all the time.  You should try it." 

I have never had an interest, but she kept talking to me about it, and I finally sat down at the computer in August of 2013. I thought I would be lucky to get 100 pages, I kinda had an idea. In March of 2014, I finished a 590 pages, 166K word, action thriller murder mystery draft. Then I spent months editing. (still not done.)
It was an interesting process writing it.  Tawny would be there, "gimmie the next chapter"..."what are you going to do with?"......" did?" ....."Gimmie the next chapter......."    "Read it aloud to me." (her favorite)

She suggested after I was frustrated editing and changing it for a while, stepping away from it all together.  So I did.

Then a month later, after I finally mowed the lawn, cleaned the pool.  Put Halloween and Christmas in the attic, I sat down again.  She had asked, "Was it a fluke? Can you do it again?"

I had learned that you needed to keep a book around 300 pages max, under 100K words.  My next book, finished draft, was done in two months.  Again, an Action, murder mystery.

It was NOT A FLUKE! 

So this time, I wanted to do something that I came up with .  A book for KIDS!   I sat down again.  I don't know how to explain it.  I start with a simple idea, but once I start typing on the computer, it just flows.  It goes places I did not think of, and would not think of unless I was typing or totally concentrating on it.  What I ended up with was two books, both for YOUNG ADULTS.   Family, mystery, magic, and mystical action!  This one is a two part series, and could go further.

My first book the huge one, was set up for a prequel and a sequel also when I wrote it.

The books:

I will not give out toooo much information, as I would like to, as anyone would, find an agent and get published.  I am taking classes at night to learn to do so.  I need to work on my written craft also.

My First book:

Have you ever met someone, and then started talking to them only to find out that they know someone that you know?  It is a small world these days.  Paths cross everywhere.   In this book, paths cross for the good, bad, worse, and the ironic.... 

A CEO on his way to visit one of his companies stops for BBQ in North Carolina.  There he steps in when some guys try and force the waitress to take a shot of whiskey, and gets knifed for his troubles.  From that point on, the waitress, her daughter and the CEO are thrown into a world of murder, shots out of the woods, trucks on railroad tracks, cages, dungeons.....the works.

My Second Book:

What would you do to protect family?  A high school girl is finishing a term paper when a Police Officer comes and asks for help in getting her cousin who is in his house surrounded by the SWAT team to come out and surrender.  She can't believe it!  Although she has not seen him in years, he is a Purple Heart awarded Marine, and is being accused of trying to kidnap a 5 year old girl from a supermarket.  She arrives and during the process, finds out that not only did he not do it, he prevented the kidnapping, but the television crews are waiting.  The Police want him to come out anyway. 

She sneaks in and comes out with the paramedics carrying him on a stretcher.  She's carrying his prosthetic leg, but the cops looked like fools on television.  Now everyone is upset, everyone, the cops, the city, all look like fools.   A press conference on the hospital porch is held to calm things down, even though they find out the cops have run the 17 year old girls name 9 times overnight in the system like they would any criminal. 

During the press conference the shooting starts, and they try and kill her.  Or do they?  The Police Chief is sitting against the wall bleeding from a hole in the chest, her body guard is lying on top of her bleeding all over her, she is bleeding enough on her own, and has a broken arm.  However, someone has to shoot back.  She picks up her body guards gun and goes to work, not willing to sit and wait for the next bullet.  She is successful, scaring the sniper off. 

She was unaware, that the television crews had left the cameras rolling, she was once again, on National just keeps getting worse.........and she has no family to stand up for her, or so she thought.

Third and Fourth Books:

These two kids, aged 8 and 10 were forced to spend the summers with their Aunt Sally on her farm.  They did not like it, no TV, no Wi-Fi, barely even electricity.  Once they arrived and settled in, they did have fun exploring the mountain she lived on, but they would rather be at summer camps with their friends.  Aunt Sally always took the time to tell them stories, and had great cookies for them. 

The problem started, when the oldest Caitlyn, fell off a cliff climbing a tree.  Corry ran to get Aunt Sally only to find the 60+ year old running out of the bushes!  He was even more surprised when she levitated Caitlyn up the cliff and spent the night healing her, along with Corry's help.  Somehow the experience awakened these "Gifts" or talents in the two kids, and the adventures begin.........

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