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Muir Woods, California
Wekiwa Spgs, Fl. Nov. 2010
Trips Adventure Photos
Faces at Places Tawny and I have had many opportunities to go many places, and we have tried to take advantage of them.  This is a collection of us at many different locations at many different times....please enjoy.  We love to share our stories......

                Ray and Tawny
Critters Critters is dedicated to all of our nieces and nephews, we are blessed to have so many, so we will list only the great nieces and nephews with one exception!  Nathaniel, Gabriel, and Dominic, Bailey, Juliana, Mikee and Angelina.  We enjoy observing wildlife as we encounter it, and have a chance to photograph it.
Muir Woods, California Muir Woods, just north of San Francisco, California.  I was at Muir Woods in 1989, shortly after the big earthquake that collapsed the highways the during the baseball playoffs.  This is a photo that I took, with tripod and film there, as when I travel on business, I am usually by myself.  You can tell it is an old photo, as I had hair, and dark thick hair at that.  Muir Woods, is such a beautiful place, with great Redwoods, there is a beach nearby that is also great.  The entire area is beautiful.........
Wekiwa Spgs, Fl. Nov. 2010 Wekiwa Springs State Park is just north of Orlando, Florida.  This trip was over the Thanksgiving week of 2010.  I was there a few days alone, and then Tawny and Angie joined me midweek, and we did a lot of hiking, and saw turkeys, deer, and some birds, but not many.
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